Energy Efficiency

Incorporate green ideas into your home.


Take advantage of our many energy efficient options you can incorporate into your home or business.

We feel that we can do our part to help preserve this beautiful planet and, at the same time, put some money back in our customers pockets. Many of the standard building practices we incorporate for our customers are energy efficiency upgrades from what may be considered "standard" by other contractors. Everyone likes to save money, so why not do something "green" at the same time?

One of the best ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your home or business is radiant floor heating. Radiant floor heating systems will save you money every month on your utility bill. When a high efficiency boiler is used as the heat source for a radiant floor heating system, the efficiency of that system can reach as high as 99%! The closer you get to 100% efficiency, the more money you save on gas and electric. When a high efficiency boiler is paired up with a high quality indirect water heater, you have just given yourself a ultra efficient water heater! Building's mechanical systems account for 40% of our nations energy consumption. If we can reduce the amount of natural gas, L.P. gas, and electricity we use, we will not only be greatly improving the ecosystem that we live in, but also saving more money for things we chose to put it toward.

Another way to "go green" and save money is by simply insulating your home or business above and beyond the current federal standards. You will not only help our environment by using less fossil fuels for heating, but you will also keep more money in your pocket instead of giving it to the utility company. There are many insulation options available which help to increase your home or business's ability to keep the cold out in the winter, and keep the heat out in the summer. Blown in fiberglass, or cellulose insulation are great ways to insulate and help to keep your utility bills down. Increasing exterior wall thickness from the standard 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches will allow you to install 2 additional inches of insulation, which is a great way to increase efficiency, and will also act as a great sound deadener. Spray in foam insulation is a fantastic way to seal out any kind of drafts from cracks, holes, or any penetrations made in exterior walls from electrical boxes, or wiring, or plumbing pipes. Spray foam has a very high insulating value to accompany its excellent draft stopping ability.

Another great way to improve your energy efficiency is installing good quality windows and exterior doors to keep out unwanted drafts. And "low-e" glass can help to reflect the suns rays in the summer, making it easier and more efficient to cool your home or business. Since glass is a poor insulator, it is also wise to not over do it with window size and quantity, as it will lead to excess heat loss in the winter, and may lead to excess solar heat gain in the summer.

Please feel free to visit the federal government's site for more information from the Department of Energy at: